Handmade in our dairy

Every day we make fresh, organic cheese from colostrum.

Every day we get fresh organic raw milk from the cows at Svanholm. The milk is transported upstairs to our own small dairy, where we work daily with various cheeses and hand-stretched mozzarella which is served the same day in the restaurant downstairs.

On this page you can read about the various cheeses we produce in the dairy and see pictures of the final product that you can taste when you visit the restaurant.


Traditional stretched cheese from South Italy

The mozzarella is our signature cheese. It is made with milk from Farm of Ideas. We pour the milk in the cheese vat and bring it to 37C. We add the culture and then the rennet. When set we cut the curd in cubes ca. 2x2cm. Leave it to ferment in the whey. Strain and left to drain. Then we stretch it with boiling water to pasteurize the cheese. 

The stretched cheese is shaped in balls and left to rest for 3-4 hours in a brine. 

The mozzarella is the core of our cheese production and many of the other cheeses are derived from it.


Originally from Puglia (South Italy).

“Stracciare” means to tear something apart in Italian.

Many people associate stracciatella with Italian milk-based ice cream with chopped chocolate. In the context of cheese, it is something quite different.

Stracciatella is made with shredded pieces of mozzarella marinated with full fat cream and salt.

The Stracciatella is used as the main ingredient in Burrata.


Originally from Puglia (South Italy).

The second step of our cheese production. We use the leftover curd from the mozzarella balls shaping. Still soft and warm, we make a thin sheet of curd and we fill it up with Stracciatella. We close it to form a stuffed balloon and we seal it pressing with the fingers.

Fresh Ricotta

Originally from Central and South Italy

For our fresh ricotta, we bring the milk from Farm of Ideas to 85C in a pot on the stove. As soon it reaches the temperature we split the milk with 40% of whey from the mozzarella production. After 5-10 minutes a creamy crumbly cheese will raise on the top. We strain it and season with salt and it’s ready to eat.

Dry Ricotta

Originally from South Italy 

For the dry ricotta we use only whey from the mozzarella production and we do it in the same cheese vat. We bring the whey to 85C with 1% salt then we acidify it with a solution of citric acid. A crumbly cheese rises to the surface. We skim it and leave it to drain overnight. The day after we press it in a cheese press for two days to make a brick. We cut the brick in smaller bricks and we dry them for two days at 40C. It’s a 5 day job but after it’s ready to be shaved on pizza.


Originally from Lombardia (North Italy)

World-known fresh soft cheese. One of the main ingredients in Tiramisu.

We make it with milk from Farm of Ideas and full fat cream. We bring the mix to 82C and we acidify it with citric acid. We cool it down below 8C and we strain it through a cheesecloth for two days.