News from BÆST?


Craftsmanship, and great local organic produce.

Our new menu reflects even better what we do at BÆST and what it implies from sustainable organic produces to skills and crafts. Try one of the menus to experience all the different aspects of our house/kitchen or pick and choose from the a la carte.

Bring the Mirabelle experience home

Eat out at home. Treat yourself and your close ones with an organic meal from Mirabelle.


  The BÆST menu with additional Burrata and charcuterie produced in house right here in Nørrebro

 11 Servings

495,- per person

 Including a few tastings of pizza & dessert


– Seasonal plates highlighting our micro dairy and artisan butchery
above BÆST

Cold dishes

Selection of BÆST charcuterie 185,-
Selection of BÆST charcuterie and cheeses265,-
BÆST Hand-stretched Mozzarella135,-
BÆST Burrata with tomatoes from the Farm of Ideas165,-
BÆST Speck, Mozzarella, New Zealand spinach175,-
Salad of leaves from Farm of Ideas, seasoned with mustard vinaigrette 85,-
Add a portion of Mirabelle sourdough bread25,-
add Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil + 10,-

Warm dishes

Garlic bread with ramsons and Cinta Senese Lardo 125,-
Tromboncino zucchinis from Farm of Ideas, pistachio pesto, oregano95,-
Grilled sweet corn with BÆST ‘nduja and oregano105-
Grilled chicken wings with lemon basil pesto145,-
Grilled Mackerel with ramson capers185,-
Grilled rib-eye (ca. 250g), new onions, elderflower capers 325,-


Served sliced and one at a time for sharing

1.Tomato passata, garlic, BÆST Stracciatella, oregano135,-
2.Tomato passata, BÆST ’nduja, smoked BÆST Mozzarella, spring onions, oregano165,-
3.Tomato passata with black kale, fresh BÆST Ricotta, chili, dried black olives145,-
4.Confit tomatoes from the Farm, BÆST Mozzarella, Ventricina Salami160,-
5.BÆST mozzarella, Ricotta, spring onions, Brandywine tomato155,-
6.Black kale, BÆST ‘nduja & Mozzarella, 24-month Parmesan155,-
7.Broccoli, smoked BÆST Mozzarella, Hindsholm sausage, Pecorino Romano 165,-
8.BÆST Goat Cheese, Chanterelle, Parsley Puree165,-


Tiramisu with BÆST mascarpone85,-
House-made Pistachio gelato75,-
House-made Almond gelato75,-