Craftsmanship, and great local organic produce.

Our new menu reflects even better what we do at BÆST and what it implies from sustainable organic produces to skills and crafts. Try one of the menus to experience all the different aspects of our house/kitchen or pick and choose from the a la carte.

Bring the Mirabelle experience home

Eat out at home. Treat yourself and your close ones with an organic meal from Mirabelle.


  The BÆST menu with additional Burrata and charcuterie produced in house right here in Nørrebro

 11 Servings

495,- per person

 Including a few tastings of pizza & dessert

Add 5 grams of white truffles 150 kr.

Sommelier’s choice 250,- per person
3 Glasses of wine chosen by us


Hand-stretched mozzarella125,-
Burrata with mushrooms 145,-
+ Add 5 grams of white truffles 150 kr.
Roasted cabbage shoots, oregano butter, smoked hazelnut95,-
Creamy polenta, bæst bolognese, 24 mth parmesan125,-
Roasted BÆST sausage, cabbage, pickles185,-
Kale salad, radishes, bread crumbs, citrus vinaigrette75,-
Our 8-month aged Speck with mozzarella145,-
Selection of charcuterie 185,-
Add a portion of Mirabelle sourdough bread 25,-


1.Passata, garlic, stracciatella, oregano125,-
2.Passata, braised kale, dried black olives & dried ricotta135,-
3.Potato, nduja, capers, Bæst mozzarella145,-
4.Spigarello kale, smoked mozzarella, pancetta, 24 mt parmesan, garlic150,-
5.Pumpkin, blue cheese, mozzarella, sage135,-
+ Add 5 grams of white truffles 150 kr.


Almond gelato and cherries60,-
Tiramisù with our own mascarpone70,-