Craftsmanship, and great local organic produce.

Our new menu reflects even better what we do at BÆST and what it implies from sustainable organic produces to skills and crafts. Try one of the menus to experience all the different aspects of our house/kitchen or pick and choose from the a la carte.


 We build a menu around a pizza that you freely* choose and share between the two of you. To which we add charcuteries cheese, bread and a few dishes.

 7 Servings

365 kr. per person

Sommelier’s Choice
3 glasses chosen by us for your evening
325 kr. per person


– Seasonal plates highlighting our micro dairy and artisan butchery
above BÆST

Cold dishes

Mirabelle’s Sourdough and Extra Virgin Olive oil45,-
Salad of Kale, kohlrabi, fennel and cedro with grilled lemon vinaigrette 95,-
Svanholm endive with blue-cheese and citrus95,-
Manfred’s legendary tartar with cress and egg cream M/L120,-
BÆST hand-stretched Mozzarella135,-
BÆST Mozzarella with BÆST Prosciutto aged for 36 months175,-
BÆST Burrata with Nameko Mushrooms and Ramson175,-
BÆST Culatello aged for 18 months, served with warm sourdough toast195,-
Selection of BÆST handmade charcuterie195,-
Grand Selection of BÆST charcuterie and cheese275,-

Warm dishes

Garlic bread with ramsons and Cinta Senese Lardo 125,-
Woodfire roasted Cod with ramson pil pil sauce and capers from Pantelleria195,-
Grilled chicken wings from Gothenborg with a smoked apple-whey glaze and puffed quinoa195,-
Grilled rib-eye of Organic grass-fed beef with ramson capers 275,-
Grilled leeks with pistachio pesto and oregano 95,-
Warm patato salad with dill and ramsons95,-


Served sliced and one at a time for sharing

1.Tomato sauce, garlic, BÆST Stracciatella, oregano135,-
– add Anchovies from Lolin55,-
2.Tomato sauce, BÆST ’nduja, smoked BÆST Mozzarella, red onions, oregano165,-
3.Tomato sauce, kale, BÆST Mozzarella, BÆST Ricotta, dried black olives165,-
4.BÆST Mozzarella, semi dried tomatoes, Parma ham185,-
5.BÆST Mozzarella, Radicchio, garlic, blue cheese and crispy pork fat165,-
6.Smoked BÆST Mozzarella, broccoli, Hindsholmgrisen sausage, Pecorino Romano 165,-
7.BÆST Mozzarella, oyster mushrooms, pancetta and fermented chili165,-
8.BÆST Mozzarella, BÆST ’nduja, fried potatoes, Aioli, smoked paprika165,-
9.Smoked Mozzarella, capers from Pantelleria, salted Bergamot,
herb salad and bone marrow


Fior di latte gelato 75,-
Pistacchio Gelato75,-
Tiramisu with BÆST Mascarpone85,-


Sommelier’s Choice
3 glasses chosen by us for your evening.
Barba Bolla, Marco Barba
Fresh and dry Garganega pet nat from Veneto region where local varieties give rise to a wine with a long mineral ending.
T, Francesco Guccione
An elegant and juicy Trebbiano fom the Sicilian hills overlooking the sea. The Mediterranean in a glass.
Sciccu, Cretapaglia
Sciccu means elegant in the dialect of San Marco Argentano. A blend of three indigenous varieties Guardavalle, Guarnaccia and Mantonico. A delicate and profound wine that best represents a magical region such as Calabria.
“BC”, Francesco Guccione
BC is a unique orange wine blend of Trebbiano and Catarratto with great personality that does not lack elegance and freshness. Complex and intriguing, it displays spicy and mineral notes. Try it to believe it!

Rosato, Ampeleia
Refreshing and elegant Rosé of Carignano and Alicante from Maremma, Tuscany. The wine for every occasion.
Serra del Prete, Musto Carmelitano
Elegance and finesse, character and identity! From Basilicata, Italy, a stunning example of Aglianico. A great wine with red fruits and refined tannins.
Dolcetto, Borgatta
The Dolcetto from Borgatta is a benchmark in the south Piedmont, tradition and terrotory at its maximum expression. The result is a straight forward wine that wins everyone’s heart. Versatile and rustic, it will bring back to the table the memory and serenity of when we were children.
Please do ask if you want to explore our more extensive wine list to find a special bottle for your night.


BÆST Lemonade
– Lemon
– Raspberry
– Passionfruit
Organic sodas from Naturfrisk
– Orange
– Ginger beer
– Rhubarb ( juice )
Filtered water per bottle30,-
BÆST Pilsner – Kølster55,-
BILLE Vienna lager – Kølster55,-
IPA – Herslev Bryghus55,-
Alcohol free- Herslev Bryghus45,-
Sensible Spritz – Anaperitivo bitter syrup, bubbly water, orange (non alc)55,-
Spritz’ino – Rondo bitter liqueur topped with Organic apple cider 100,-
Negroni – L.S.D Gin, Bordiga Rosso, Campari110,-
Light & Stormy – White Danish Rum, ginger beer and lemon100,-
Gin & Tonic – The classic100,-
Espresso Martini – L.S.D Vodka, Bad Boy coffee liqueur and espresso115,-
Pornstar Martini – L.S.D Vodka infused with Vanilla, lemon juice and Passion fruit syrup115,-