Handmade Charcuterie

The charcuterie we serve in the restaurant is produced in our small butchery directly above BÆST. We process the raw ingredients on a daily basis for our range of salami, sausages and whole cuts.

Every Tuesday we get organic pork meat from Poul from HindsholmGrisen. We butcher the pig in-house and process the meat to produce charcuterie. The highly detailed work on the raw ingredients gives a lot of knowledge of the produce and the flavors and their development, so that we can constantly improve the process and the final product.

Here on the site you will soon be able to read about all the charcuterie we produce right on top of BÆST and it’s not that few.

Best pork in Denmark

All of our pork comes from HindsholmGrisen, run by Poul and Carla.

At Poul and Carla’s farm, the pigs live their whole life outdoors and never experience anything else other than grass and mud under their hooves. The piglets live with the sow as long as they want, until they naturally want to “move away“ from home. Each pig has nothing less than 200m2 to romp on and pretty much everything they get to eat is produced by Poul himself on the farm. In addition, they also eat fruit from the many apple, pear and plum trees on site.

The pigs grow slowly and are only slaughtered when they are about 18 months old and around 200 kg. They are slaughtered at the farm and therefore experience no stress during the slaughter due transport or disruption. A standard organic pig will typically reach their slaughter weight in 6 months.