Drink Menu

NEGRONI / Bitter, sweet Vermouth, Gin
SPRITZINO / Aperitif liqueur and apple cider
GIN TONIC / Gin and tonic water
RHUBARB CAIPIRINHA / Cachaca, Rhubarb Syrup and Citrus Juice
VODKA SUNRISE / Vodka, Orange Soda and Raspberry Syrup
LIGHT AND STORMY / White Rum, Citrus Juice and Ginger Beer
DAIQUIRI / White Rum, Citrus Juice and Sugar Syrup
Alcohol Free Drinks
SENSIBLE SPRITZ / Anaperitivo Liquer and soda water
RHUBARB LEMONADE / Rhubarb syrup, lemon juice and sugar syrup
PASSION / Passion fruit syrup, honey, lemon and soda water
Indian Pale Ale
Sancerre / white wine
Colombaia / red wine
Soft drinks
Rhubarb juice
Orange soda