Organic produce

The produce is the backbone of the food we make and serve. We even produce a variety of vegetables on our farm, Farm of Ideas. In addition, we receive produce and fresh meats from a number of specially selected suppliers and manufacturers, for whom we have a deep respect. 

We keep close contact with our partners and manufacturers. It is important for us to be fully transparent about where our produce comes from. Therefore, here on this page you can learn about a selection of our manufacturers and what ingredients they each add to your plate. 

A large part of the work we do with our raw produce takes place in our dairy and salumeria.

More than just manufacturers

We are proud to say that the manufacturers we work with are able to call themselves the absolute best in the country in their field.

Farm of Ideas

Just 50 km from our restaurant, we have our Farm of Ideas. It is a farm where our chefs and farmers work daily to sow, care for and harvest the most tasty, beautiful and inspiring vegetables for our dishes at BÆST – often served the same day as they are harvested. With this process, we believe we can serve the freshest vegetables to our guests in a sustainable way. We believe that with Farm of Ideas we can start a dialogue between chefs and farmers and through that creates a breeding ground for productive changes in the way our world grows, distributes and thinks about food in general. The farm is not only an attempt to bring fresh vegetables “from farm to fork”, it is also a major attempt to change our contemporary way of thinking about gastronomy.


Svanholm are some of the pioneers in organic farming, and they are next-door neighbors to our farm, Farm of Ideas. Svanholm has a large production of organic vegetables and the experience to grow high quality. They have taken over small parts of our cattle population and supply the milk for our cheese production.


Birkemosegård by Sjællands Odde produces organic and biodynamic vegetables and has organic beef cattle. Kung from Birkemosegård checks every single piece of meat during the parting and ensures the high quality that we experience when we use meat from them.


The pigs at HindsholmGrisen are free range and are living outside all year round for the rest of their lives in natural surroundings, where they have huts for shelter when they need it. The pigs find a large part of their feed by themselves and are supplied with organic feed grown at the farm. As Poul and Carla from HindsholmGrisen say, the particular about HindsholmGrisen is the beautiful and laced fat marbling, where there is harmony between meat and fat. The fat is extremely tasty and soft due to the natural environments that the pig lives in.


From Havervadgård we get organic meat from lambs. The lambs live by Vadehavet, where the land is very salty and mineral. The lambs get a share in this when they eat the grass. Their meat therefore acquires a characteristic spicy and slightly salty taste. To ensure the highest quality of the meat the lambs get inspected by a veterinarian both before and after they are slaughtered.


From Hegnsholt we get organic eggs and chickens. All their hens and chickens live in small groups in mobile houses in the farms around Hegnsholt. They get grass and leftovers from the restaurant and are slaughtered locally after approximately 100-130 days of living under open air. The meat from their chickens has an incredible amount of flavor and texture.


Gothenburg was the first to introduce organic chickens and ducks in Denmark. They run their farm and raise their poultry with respect for good taste, craftsmanship and the environment. Gothenburg provides us with organic ducks and forest chickens.