News from BÆST?

Welcome to BÆST. We proudly produce our house made cheeses and charcuterie on the 1st floor above the restaurant. Our pizza has been recognized to be among the finest in the world. Have a look at the menu down below.


 We build a menu around a pizza that you freely* choose and share between the two of you. To which we add charcuteries cheese, bread and a few dishes.

 7 Servings

365 kr. per person

Sommelier’s Choice
3 glasses chosen by us for your evening
325 kr. per person

All our servings are intended to be shared and are coming from the kitchen at a good pace. The mozzarella is based on raw milk and is stretched at about 14.30 every day.

A la carte

Seasonal dishes showcasing the best of our micro-dairy and salumeria.

Cold dishes

Mirabelle’s Sourdough and Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil 45,-
Salad from Farm of Ideas with Eldeflower & Quince dressing95,-
BÆST hand-streched Mozzarella135,-
Mozzarella and BÆST prosciutto aged 36 months175,-
BÆST Burrata with fava beans and herb oil175,-
BÆST Culatello aged for 18 months, served with warm sourdough toast195,-
Selection of BÆST hand made charcuterie195,-
Grand Selection of BÆST charcuterie and cheese275,-

Warm dishes

Grilled Summer Squash, Pistachio and zucchini pesto, oregano.110,-
Garlic bread with ramsons and Cinta Senese Lardo 125,-
Grilled pork neck skewers with courgettes and new onions185,-
Grilled Mackerel with Ramson capers and brown butter, served with warm Romaine Salad195,-

Our pizze are made entirely on sourdough and are baked at 450 C. We slice them for you and serve them in a flow for you to best share them at the table. Remember to use your hands!


Served sliced and one at a time for sharing

1.Tomato passata, garlic, BÆST Stracciatella, oregano135,-
2.Tomato passata, BÆST ’nduja, smoked BÆST Mozzarella, new garlic, oregano165,-
3.Tomato passata, garlic, aubergine, BÆST Ricotta, basil165,-
4.BÆST Mozzarella, dried tomato, 24 months Cinta Senese Prosciutto and fennel tops185,-
5.BÆST Mozzarella, new potatoes, Blue Cheese, pickled pine175,-
6.Smoked BÆST Mozzarella, Padrones peppers, Bæst sausage, Pecorino Romano 165,-
7.BÆST Mozzarella, Oyster mushrooms, charred onions, 24 months Parmesan165,-
8. BÆST Mozzarella, goat cheese, courgettes pickled in elderflower and salt, lemon thyme165,-


Sicilian Cannolo with BÆST Ricotta and pistachio40,-
Fior di latte gelato 75,-
Milk and black currant swirl gelato75,-


BÆST Lemonades
– Lemon
– Passionfruit
– Raspberry
Organic sodas from Naturfrisk
– Orange
– Ginger beer
– Rhubarb ( juice )
Filtered water per bottle30,-
BÆST Pilsner – Kølster55,-
SOMMER Wheat – Kølster55,-
IPA – Herslev Bryghus55,-
Alcohol free – Herslev Bryghus45,-
Sensible Spritz – Anaperitivo bitter syrup, bubbly water, orange (non alc)55,-
Spritz’ino – Rondo bitter liqueur topped with Organic apple cider 100,-
Negroni – L.S.D Gin, Bordiga Rosso, Campari110,-
Light & Stormy – White Danish Rum, ginger beer and lemon100,-
Gin & Tonic – The classic100,-
Espresso Martini – L.S.D Vodka, Bad Boy coffee liqueur and espresso115,-
Pornstar Martini – L.S.D Vodka infused with Vanilla, lemon juice and Passion fruit syrup115,-

Wine list

Sommelier’s Choice
3 glasses chosen by us for your evening.
La Matta, Casebianche
Fresh, clean, dry and citrusy pet-nat. Fiano from Campania.
Modus Bibendi, Elios
Fresh, light and summery. Grillo from Sicily.
Granselva, 2018 Garganega
Mineral and texturized with notes of ripe fruit. Durello and Pinot Gris from Veneto.
Eros, Les Pirouettes
Aromatic blend of Riesling and Gewrztraminer from Alsace
100,- 500,-
Jep, Signora Luna
100% natuaral rosé, accidic and flavorful. Montepulciano from Abruzzo
Dogliani San Luigi, Cascina Corte
Dry and light Dolcetto with hints of red fruits from Piemonte
Glou Glou, Elios
Fresh and summery. Nerello mascalese from Sicily.
Please do ask if you want to explore our more extensive wine list to find a special bottle for your night.